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Who Broke the Vase?
A little dog struggles with fibbing in this pitch perfect picture book that simply, humorously, and honestly tells the truth about not being truthful.

Kirkus Reviews:
A broken vase, an eyewitness, and a cast of improbable suspects lead to one surprise ending in this celebration of the whopper.

Review Posted Online: Feb. 1st, 2017
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Who Am I?
A rabbit pretends to be every other animal — pig, owl, tiger, mouse, frog — anyone but who he really is, in this imaginative and inventive story.

Kirkus Reviews:
A rabbit with a madcap imagination pretends to be many other animals.
Seen only in black silhouette, with long ears prominently protruding, a rabbit wears a frog mask and declares, “I am a frog. RIBBIT!” An off-page voice (represented in a colorful speech bubble) counters: “You are not a frog. You are a rabbit!” The rabbit then tries on several other masks: rooster, tiger, owl, and more, each time vocalizing as if it were that animal. The off-page voice of reason disputes each one, the cumulative list growing longer and longer: “You are not a bear, a pig, a monkey, a sheep, an owl, a mouse, a tiger, a rooster, or a frog. You are a rabbit!” Finally, the rabbit—showing its full whiskered face—questions, “By the way, what are you?” The view pulls back to reveal the voice, which looks to be a bat…or is it? As evident in Turner’s previous work, Who Broke the Vase? (2017), the author/illustrator relishes a clever ending.

Review Posted Online: July 2nd, 2017