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My two NEW books
will be available in stores May 2021

You can preorder the books through or or

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In this brightly illustrated board book series, an adorable—and relatable—prickly porcupine names and describes a variety of textures and emotions, inspiring children and caregivers to talk about how things feel and how they feel.

Download my coloring pages
from My Feelings and My Touch.

Click on the picture of the porcupine to download six pages of coloring fun.

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A very fun poodle has some NEW board books to share

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My complete set of Early Concepts books has arrived! My New Haircut, My New Friends, My Big Family and My Big Birthday Party are now available for purchase online and in your favorite bookstores.

In these Early Concepts stories, Poodle shares facts about color, shapes, counting, and opposites. Humor, combined with the educational insights of STEM/STEAM, make each book a fun journey. Poodle loves life! Whether choosing a new haircut or sharing a poodle-sized circle of friends with us, it's always done with a dose of humor that adults and children will find entertaining. And with a poodle at the helm, who knows what will happen.

Visit your local bookstore, or to purchase these books.

My NEW Early Concepts stories are now available for sale online and in your favorite bookstores! Every story concludes with a simple and easy to understand STEM/STEAM learning.

My New Haircut

Who knew that haircuts could be all different shapes? Nothing ordinary will do as one charming poodle experiments with new hairstyles and learns how mathematics and shapes come together to introduce geometry! Visit your local bookstore, or to purchase this book.

My New Friends

Who knew a poodle could have so many new friends? Join in the fun with this unlikely group of pals and learn about friendship and how combining colors to make new ones helps us look at things in a whole new way! Visit your local bookstore, or to purchase this book.

My Big Family

Who knew a poodle could have so many family members? When just one is not enough, poodle's family seems to expand before your eyes. Help little ones learn to count with this extraordinary family. At the end of the story, learn how poodle keeps count of all his loved ones using arithmetic. Visit your local bookstore, or to purchase this book.

My Big Birthday Party

Who knew that opposites really do attract? Poodle has a birthday party that is full of contradictions. And in the end, he teaches us about opposites and magnetism! Visit your local bookstore, or to purchase this book.

Who Broke the Vase?

A little dog struggles with fibbing in this pitch perfect picture book that simply, humorously, and honestly tells the truth about not being truthful. Visit your local bookstore, or to purchase this book.

Kirkus Reviews: A broken vase, an eyewitness, and a cast of improbable suspects lead to one surprise ending in this celebration of the whopper.

Review Posted Online: February 1, 2017

Who Am I?

A rabbit pretends to be every other animal—pig, owl, tiger, mouse, frog—anyone but who he is really is, in this imaginative and inventive story. Visit your local bookstore, or to purchase this book.

Kirkus Reviews: A rabbit with a madcap imagination pretends to be many other animals. Seen only in black silhouette, with long ears prominently protruding, a rabbit wears a frog mask and declares, “I am a frog. RIBBIT!” An off-page voice (represented in a colorful speech bubble) counters: “You are not a frog. You are a rabbit!” The rabbit then tries on several other masks: rooster, tiger, owl, and more, each time vocalizing as if it were that animal. The off-page voice of reason disputes each one, the cumulative list growing longer and longer: “You are not a bear, a pig, a monkey, a sheep, an owl, a mouse, a tiger, a rooster, or a frog. You are a rabbit!” Finally, the rabbit—showing its full whiskered face—questions, “By the way, what are you?” The view pulls back to reveal the voice, which looks to be a bat…or is it? As evident in Turner’s previous work, Who Broke the Vase? (2017), the author/illustrator relishes a clever ending.

Review Posted Online: July 2, 2017

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