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Who Broke the Vase?

  • Who Broke the Vase?
  • Who Broke the Vase?
  • Who Broke the Vase?

If you want an autographed book, then order from me.

Have you ever told a lie? A fib? A whopper? A falsehood? A fabrication?

Well, when a little dog accidentally breaks a vase, he certainly does! He keeps shifting the blame: First he says it was an elephant, but no he meant a mouse. Wait a minute—did he say mouse? Make that a crow, a sheep, a hippo—anyone but him. Will his family discover what really happened?

Jeffrey Turner’s signature style of simple words and strong, vivid graphics resonates with everyone who has ever struggled with admitting the truth!

If you can live without the book being autographed Who Broke the Vase? is available for purchase through the following stores:

Barnes & Noble
Simon & Schuster
Google Play

Who Broke the Vase?


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